Tumescent liposuction

The Scottsdale tumescent liposuction technique is a novel way for people to be slim and sexy and remove unwanted body fat from the waist, butt, abs and thighs. Instead of thick tubes being inserted into your body, liquid is injected into the intended areas and an antibacterial local anesthetic is used. The liquid in the fat expands and makes it easier for smaller sized tubes to be inserted by making small incisions in the body which leaves lesser scars and bruises. The advantage of the Scottsdale Tumescent liposuction method is that it is very advanced and very precise in targeting the intended body parts.

The patient is awake during the entire procedure and as the surgery is less incisive, recovery period is reduced too. If you have loose skin in addition to body fat, then you will need a 'tummy tuck' as well if you want fat removed from your abdominal area. Our technique is such that the entire procedure is done at one go and you need not visit the clinic again as required by other traditional techniques. Our tumescent liposuction technique can also be undergone even if you are not in very good health or have not been eating right or exercising every day.

We have restricted ourselves to just this technique and thus have gained mastery and expertise over it. You can consider ours a specialty clinic in the field of Tumescent liposuction. All said and done, what we believe as outlined in detail on '' is that a patient is more important than the technique. Before we go ahead with the procedure we discuss the patient's needs, health condition, and _______ at length.

You deserve to get the best and our team of experts is here to guide you. You need not believe everything that you hear or see about tumescent liposuction and think it is the 'gospel truth'. We would go a step further and advise you to do a little reading on the subject yourself and then come and discuss any queries or doubts you may have on the subject with our team of physicians and aestheticians.

Our staff is very friendly and your questions, however trivial or inconsequential they may be, will be answered without the slightest fuss or irritation. Further, we are accredited by the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC). Not that we needed it, but it means that we adhere to the highest medical standards and strictest ethics, and constantly strive to improve and keep abreast of the latest developments in the field. What that translates to, is that you get the very best deal in tumescent liposuction.

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