Overcome Erectile Dysfunction and have better sex life

Although erectile dysfunction is a male sexual disorder, it does not only affect the male population. Many women find themselves in a relationship with impotent men. Worse, sex life for most of these couples had been active and healthy prior to the setting in of sexual difficulty for the man. A woman therefore has to work together with her partner to restore his sexual health and potency. The following steps are designed to facilitate successful problem - solving:
Admit that theres a problem on impotence and it affects your relationship
The first step in addressing any problem, even addictions, is to admit that there indeed is a problem. Many couples choose to be silent about the issue even when both are feeling frustrated and disappointed with whats happening.

If having intercourse is important to you, tell your partner about it. Dont pretend it doesnt matter.
Consider your physical and psychological health
A couple who wants to restore sexual intercourse after a long period of abstinence has physical and psychological factors to consider. A woman who hasnt had sexual activity for a long time may experience vaginal dryness, loss of vaginal muscle tone and painful intercourse. It is also important for these difficulties to be addressed before resuming sexual intercourse. It is equally important for the couple to be aware of sexual changes in men and women due to aging.

On the psychological side, lack of sexual desire, especially on a regular basis, may warrant a visit to a psychologist. Problems such as depression accompanying sexual dysfunction in both men and women have to be dealt with.
Explore the relationship factors that predict successful treatment
A couple who is more committed to work with their partners to address sexual difficulty issues is more likely to be successful in solving the problem. A woman has to be equally cooperative and involved as her partner is. Although there is no way to predict ones chances of success from a treatment, the more positive ones response is (with the support of his partner), the greater the likelihood that the treatment will be effective.
Learn about the causes and treatments for impotence
Visit a physician who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of sexual dysfunction.

A variety of tests will be conducted to determine the underlying causes of the problem. The doctor should be able to tell if the problem is caused by physical or psychological factors. Discuss with your physician the possible treatments you can avail.
Discuss the problem with your mate
Communication is an effective tool in dealing with challenges in sexual intimacy.

It is important that both consider each others point of view. Prepare to speak your mind but also prepare to listen.
Seek medical consultation
Medical care is essential for those experiencing sexual dysfunction. A visit to a physician is also important as sexual dysfunction may serve as an early warning for other diseases.


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