Effects of parenting, father absence, and affiliation with delinquent peers on delinquent behavior among African-American male adolescents

Effects of parenting, father absence

Delinquent behavior by African-American male adolescents is of special concern to society due to their overrepresentation in juvenile detention centers and adult prisons.

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Gambling by Greek-Affiliated College Students: An Association Between Affiliation and Gambling

Gambling by Greek-Affiliated College Students

This investigation compared the prevalence rates of pathological and problem gambling between Greek-affiliated and non-Greek-affiliated college students.

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Changes over time in college student's family planning knowledge, preference, and behavior and implications for contraceptive education and prevention of sexually transmitted infections - 1

Changes over time

College students today face new challenges in family planning. A mail survey with multiple follow-ups was used to assess changes in college students' knowledge, use, and preference about family planning from 1969 to 1996 at the same university.

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Juniper adds services affiliation for VARs: partners with services practices can have extra designation, but company warns its criteria are "very high"

Juniper adds services affiliation for VARs

While the company has a 12-person services division, it concentrates on getting business from carriers and service providers, she said. The channel will be left to sell services to corporations and institutions.

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FSPA reaches affiliation agreement

FSPA reaches affiliation agreement

After some protracted and at times contentious negotiations, the Florida Swimming Pool Association has renewed its affiliation agreement with APSP.

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Affiliation of pharmaceuty

Evolution of hospital

Evolution of hospital-based pharmacy teaching programs from 1989 - 1998This study evaluated hospital involvement in pharmacy education. Databases from four U.S. National Clinical Pharmacy Services Studies and the American Hospital Association permitted detailed trend analysis.

Automated anomaly

Automated anomaly detection processor for biologic terrorism early detection —Hampton, VirginiaIntroduction: Disease surveillance databases can range in size into the terabytes, making rapid, meaningful analysis and conclusions about the data impracticable and expensive.

Like it? Yes. Need it?

Like it? Yes. Need it? Yes. Buy it? Nah: in an exclusive HMT survey, physicians demonstrate that they whole-heartedly understand and support healthcare IT, but they're not yet queuing up to buy every last piece of softwareWhen it comes to information technology, only in healthcare and only with physicians does the word "adoption" assume extraordinary significance.

Test pilots praise

Test pilots praise certification effortsIt all started with a list. You know, that list of goals and objectives for next year the boss requires you to write?

Teaching award

Teaching award and recognition program in U.S. schools and colleges of pharmacyThe purpose of this study was to gather data from U.S. schools and colleges of pharmacy.