How to Protect Yourself From Trained Psychic Assassins

Can it really be possible to kill another person using only the power of your mind? Believe it.

With the power of the internet and the popularity of all the different file-sharing networks, much information about classified government operations involving mind power research is coming to the forefront.

When you start to read about Project Paperclip and Project Superman, and also about guys like Andy Pero and Duncan OFinioan, your mind will definitely start to boggle. Not to mess with your picture of reality or anything, but there are guys that are conditioned from birth to obey any order given to them and to harness all of their psi abilities.

Its very real, and very scary.

I am writing this article because I had a chance encounter with a man (who will remain nameless) that had excellent information about this topic and his involvement in some similar operations. This is how he told me that a psychic assassin will kill somebody using only their consciousness:

It has to do with a hardcore application of remote viewing. RV is the key, and you need to be so powerful that you can RV real-time to any location and see and feel everything that is going on.

Once you become trained with RV in this way it is easy to read a persons aura and the energy centers on their body called chakras.

What the psychic assassin will do is remote read a persons aura to see which one of there chakras is the weakest, and then they will attack it mentally.

If the target has no measures of self-defense in place, this will result in them having either a heart attack or organ failure near the chakra that was attacked.

Like I said. very real, and very scary.

So how will you know that you are under psychic attack? Easy, it will feel like you are about to die for no apparent reason.

I dont mean to scare you with this, and unless you are a inner-government whistleblower (or you have made powerful and angry enemies) then you probably have no reason to fear that this would ever happen to you. But it is good to know that this stuff is possible because it makes you realize that protecting yourself and your family is not just about having a home security system.

So now to the important stuff: How to protect yourself.

Some of the most important tools in your psychic wellbeing arsenal are technological devices that interface directly with your consciousness. I am specifically thinking of something called a Nuclear Receptor made by a guy named Fred Bell, but there are many other types of technology like this. You may not understand the power of mathematically precise symbols, but things like sacred geometry and the flower of life design are some of the most spiritually activating forces in all of creation.

I recommend that you fill your house or apartment with healing technology and devices such as spiritually activating pendants, salt crystal lamps, symbolic statues, psychotronic generators, nuclear receptors, and beautiful loving music. It is literally impossible to succumb to psychic attack if you have in your possession a nuclear receptor pendant or something similar.

You want to create a loving harmonious environment, as this will give you strength and the power to fend off any potential psychic attackers.

That might sound a little cheesy, but I consider myself completely immune to even the most powerful and intuitive people (I dont really have any enemies) because of the spiritually activating environment I have created in my home and my cars.

The other part obviously has to do with your own consciousness. Anyone who has dabbled in the realms of thought manifestation understands the power of visualizing different environmental vibratory states, which your body perceives as colors. It is hard to articulate, but what you need to do is visualize your body surrounded by a protective field that is the color of magenta or light violet as this is one of the most powerful vibratory states.

Do not worry yourself with these matters if this is a scary topic for you, it is just a good thing to know if you want to enjoy total security and peace.


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