How To Live With Heart Disease

Heart disease is not a just single condition or disorder. It has many forms and conditions. Hence, the term heart disease refers to any disorder pertaining to the heart and the supporting blood circulatory system.

The Causes of Heart Disease

Some heart diseases are unpreventable. Typical examples are congenital and hereditary heart disease, which are due to defects existing at birth and due to genes respectively. There are other heart diseases, which are acquired due to lifestyle.

For the acquired types, it is possible to prevent them by living healthily, including doing physical exercise regularly, eating a balanced diet, not smoking and drink excessively.

There is a connection between heart diseases and diabetes. In fact, diabetic are up to 4 times more likely to suffer from a heart attack.

Prevention of Heart Disease

As mentioned, living healthily is the best prevention.

Other preventive measures are maintaining a healthy weight, keeping your cholesterol levels within healthy ranges, controlling your blood sugar if you have diabetes, controlling your blood pressure, and make sure that you eat a balance diet that is rich in both fruits and vegetables as well as whole grain and nuts.

By doing these, you will not only be able to prevent heart disease but also prevent many other ailments as well. Staying healthy enable your body to withstand damages caused by disease.

Hence, even if stricken by illnesses, you are likely to recover faster.

Testing for Heart Disease

Doctors will check for heart diseases when there are related family history and or high risk factors. The risk factors are hypertension or high blood pressure, breathlessness, heavy smoking or drinking, obesity, high cholesterol level, sedentary lifestyle and diabetes.

Treatment for Heart Disease

On first diagnosis of heart disease, a patient will very likely be advised to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

For example, doing frequent exercise, eating a balance diet, quit alcohol and smoking. This is the first step in treatment. The next step will be medications and or surgery. There are many varieties of treatments for different problems of the heart.

If the prescribed medication does not seem to be effective or if the patients condition deteriorates, the next recourse will be surgery. There are also wide ranges of surgeries that can be performed and many of them are minimally invasive. Hence recovery time is quicker.

About Living with Heart Disease

The first thing to consider when it comes to living with heart disease is the actual condition of the disease. Are you just being cautious because of high risk factors? Or, do you have a serious heart condition? If you have only a mild form of heart disease, you probably have medication to control the problem.

Another aspect of living with heart disease is physical exercises. If your heart disease is serious, you should not exert yourself too much. A good form of exercise would be to take daily walks.

One of the more difficult aspects of living with heart disease is forgoing the fatty and unhealthy food such as fast food. Some discipline is really important here.

If you want to prolong your life, it is a fair trade. However, nowadays, healthy foods are just as delicious.

The best approach to heart disease prevention is not a single course of action.

In addition to exercise and diet, losing weight, keeping blood sugar level low are also important.

Good heart disease prevention also means having low cholesterol level. This may be achieved by making changes to diet and by taking prescription medications if so recommended by the doctor.

Consuming dietary supplements such as antioxidants, vitamin B and folic acid is helpful to heart disease prevention. Mangosteen is a very good source of all three. It is rich in antioxidants, which help to destroy free radicals.

It is rich in vitamin B and folic acid that helps keep homocysteine low, which will otherwise will lead to arteriosclerotic disease.

Thus, with the help of a few changes to diet, lifestyle and also keeping blood pressure, LDL cholesterol low one can get the most out of heart disease prevention measures and ensure a longer life.

For more information on living with heart disease, consult your doctor or check out reputable websites.


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