How Does Fat Loss Idiots Stack Up Against The South Beach Diet

Ive tried all sorts of diets in my time, and Fat Loss 4 Idiots is the only one I was ever able to stick with. I almost made it with South Beach, but it just wasnt as good. Heres what I can tell you about the two diets.

The biggest thing you notice about the South Beach diet is that, if you have much physical activity in your life (and maybe even if you dont), then youre going to get light-headed pretty quick.

Theoretically, some people dont get hungry on this diet. The book says you wont feel hungry and some people seem to be highly suggestible about this. Um, I mean it even seems to work for them! not for me, and probably not for you, either.

Like the South Beach Diet, Fat Loss for Idiots quicken your metabolism. But unlike that famous low-carb diet, it doesnt leave you feeling light-headed or hungry. Most importantly for me, you dont have to limit your food.

Not having to limit your food is just the beginning, though. You get to eat different stuff every day, FOUR TIMES A DAY! With south beach, you start off strict, and eventually get to work(some) other foods into your day--if you can keep with the program.

(Dont feel bad if you cant--neither can most people.)

With fat loss 4 idiots, you start out eating full meals. No going through worse than military discipline to get yourself eating right. I actually enjoyed a wider variety of meals once I switched from my regular eating pattern, to Fat Loss 4 Idiots.

And speaking of dietary stricture one of the biggest obstacles to staying on a diet is the sudden strictness of it.

With Fat Loss 4 Idiots, you dont have that problem. In fact, you might be like me and actually broaden your eating habits and the food you consume!

And of course there is the all important carbohydrate. You dont have to give that up with FL4I. Breads, pastas, even the occasional sweet--eat until youre satisfied! Honestly, this was the reason I had to break from South Beach, and Im sure Im not the only one.

So if youre looking at a choice of weight loss systems and want one that wont leave you light-headed or put your body on red alert, but that is easy to stay on and lets you have dessert, I highly recommend Fat Loss 4 Idiots.


About the Author (text)Michael Crockett has review sites that compares different diets and gives the benefits and drawback of each diet plan.

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