Applied Kinesiology Muscle Testing for Health

Kinesiology is an alternative healing technique that is used to determine imbalances in the body through a form of "muscle testing." Kinesiology is based on the same ideas as Chinese traditional medicine, in that the body has a set energy system of meridians that run throughout the entire body that can determine health or healing imbalances. What is Muscle Testing? Muscle testing in a safe and gentle technique used to determine energy blockages in the body.

For example, if you go into an herb store and are confused as to which herb you need for your specific symptoms, you may hold a different herb in each hand while extending your arms out straight from your shoulders or toward the front of your body at an angle, depending upon the practitioner. A kinesiologist will try to push down on each arm, by applying slight pressure to your muscles. In kinesiology it is thought that the arm which resists the most and stays the strongest is holding the correct herb for your ailment. Kinesiologists believe the body has the wisdom that the mind may not have to let you know what is best for you.

This same technique can be used to determine how much of the herb is needed. These tests may also be done while sitting or lying down. Muscle testing is also thought to bring out the "truth" of any situation. David Hawkins is one person who has promoted the healing method as a form of "lie detection" that can tap into the unconscious mind. Many people use kinesiology or muscle testing to help them make decisions.

In this instance, the technique will be the same and the question will be held in the mind and asked in a "yes" or "no" fashion to elicit wisdom that may not be clear otherwise. It is thought that if one's energy is blocked that the results may be inconclusive. Applied Kinesiology Programs and Courses There are many colleges, degrees and training programs for careers in kinesiology. Students study anatomy, physiology, health and fitness, nutrition, and health behavior. Graduates can find jobs in personal training and exercise, as physiotherapy assistants, and in cardiac and exercise rehabilitation.

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